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Who We Are

Ivey Custom Homes has been building in the greater OKC metro since 2005.  Our homes are built with true craftsmanship by some of greater OKC's best sub-contractors and craftsmen.  Not to mention, you get a true custom home when you build with us!  We specialize in taking homeowners from the plan phase to completion of their dream home.  

Here are just a few features that set us apart from other builders:


 *Post tension foundation- unlike standard rebar foundations, a post tension system will actively resist settling

 *Energy efficiency- From insulation to HVAC we have the knowledge to help keep your utility bills low

 *Quality Sub Contractors/vendors- We won't settle for mediocre, our building partners are high capacity and

   very knowledgeable.  We consistently use the same team to build our homes to maintain a high level of quality

   and dependability. 

*Our Cost Plus format- This format allows for our clients to feel secure in knowing that the budget is fixed.  We

   offer our services for $8-$15 per square foot depending on the individual home being built.



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